Discipline and Care

Discipline: Strict discipline must be maintained in the Library. Disregard of library rules, indiscipline and misbehavior may lead to disciplinary action and access to the library privileges may be withdrawn.

Reference material should not be taken outside the Library.

Extension Services: The Chakdaha College Library is encouraging students to compete in competitive exams like: IAS, ICS, WBCS, Staff Selection Commission, CAT, MAT, GATE, etc. by providing competitive exam books housed at reference section.

Books for overnight reading will be issued at specific time as decided by the Library and the same must be returned before 9.30 A.M. next day.

Book Manuals: The students may consult the library book manuals for respective departmental books and check which books are there for use.

Reading: Students are allowed to use reading room for reading purposes on submission of their reading cards.

Care of Books / Periodicals: Once a book / periodical is issued it is wholly the responsibility of the member to safeguard and return the issued materials to library in good condition and on time. Before borrowing book (s) / periodical (s), members are requested to check that the book (s) / periodical (s) are in proper condition. If they are found to be mutilated or damaged on return, the member will be held responsible for the damage and (s) he will have to replace or pay the price of the damaged book / periodical. The library reserves the right to determine the price of a rare / out-of-print / unobtainable book / periodical.

New Arrivals (Books & Materials)
Library Timings
Day Section: 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
(except Sundays & Holidays)

Morning Section: 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. (except Tuesdays, Sundays & Holidays)
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