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Department of English

“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry”--- Cassandra Clare

About the Department:

Literature has always been an entrée into the larger world beyond it. It is that vantage point which instigates an enquiry into the social, political, historical, philosophical and the psychological dimensions surrounding us. It is the domain where the past, present and the future are looped into one another and where different cultures interact, rendering ‘humanities’ timeless and infinite. So, when it comes to the literatures written in English and those translated into English, the department endeavors to guide the students down this perennial path of reflection, introspection and interrogation. The persistent effort to organise seminars/webinars, paper talks, and other curriculums like painting and poster exhibitions are to ensure a subtle honing of the students’ expressionistic prowess. The college’s seminar room further facilitates the department in occasionally screening cinemas as a part of the classroom teaching and consequently enabling the students with the potential beyond the textual medium. There are technological facilities available for a PPT presentation and other technical aids and space available for cultural programmes, particularly a devotion for the students. The department had organised a series of web talks during the pandemic to keep the intellectual spark of the students alive and the students had organised a number of cultural programmes to keep the will of the people alive. Since its inception to the moment in the present, the department and its students are striving to forge stories of success and a healthy evolution for all.Lastly, the department’s rich legacy of students who have been University toppers, rank holders, respectable academicians and even bureaucrats, is a harbinger of many more such legacies to come.

List of Faculty Members:

Smt. Madhumita Das
Associate Professor
Sri. Abhishek Chowdhury
Assistant Professor & Head
Ms. Zakia Kalam
Assistant Professor
Sri. Abhijit Biswas
Ms. Nabanita Paul
Ms. Moumita Ghosh
Ms. Ahana Bhattacharya
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