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Department of Political Science

“Happiness is When What You Think, What You Say, and What You Do are in Harmony”- M.K Gandhi

About the Department:

Hello everyone warm wishes from all the faculty members of the department of Political Science!!!!

The department of Political science was introduced from the very inception of this College in November 1972, as general course. Political Science as the first honours course of our college was introduced in 1980. Informative lectures along with study materials (Books, Journals)and previous years’ UG Examination question papers of Kalyani University provided by the esteemed faculty members to the students. It helps the department to maintain a consistent record of academic success over the years. Along with the regular class lectures department also organise Seminar, Webinar and Special Lectures for enrichment of students and faculty members. Department has a good number of cutting edge books that intend to create interest among students on how to use Political Science subject to address political and social issues. Faculty Members often organise class lectures, inter-disciplinary classes, interactive sessions, discussion on current affairs, tutorial classes etc. through which students can get a broader perspective of latest socio-political development. Department provides the students with necessary conceptual awareness to undertake further specialised studies. Department has a small library with good number of books for the students since 2012 by the contribution of the faculty members and the students.

List of Faculty Members:

Aliul Hoque
Assistant Professor
Sanjit Kumar Biswas
Assistant Professor
Nihar Kanti Baidya
Assistant Professor & Head
Arindam Debnath
Assistant Professor
Narayan Dasgupta
Trina Mitra Ghosh
Jamsed Nasir Mondal
Giasuddin Shaikh
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