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Department of Philosophy

“I Cannot Teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” -Socrates

About the Department:

Philosophy, as a mother subject, enlightens a student with the virtue of reading his own psyche and understanding other souls. It begins from where science and religion, the two extreme poles of human life, end. It neither subscribes to the absolute empiricism of science nor to the absolute dogmatism of religion. Our department helps our students in exploring from East to West. This department was first initiated in 1972, offering only a general course under the roof of Kalyani University. With the passage of time, Honours was introduced in 2015 with the capacity of 60 students. All the faculty members in the department are dedicated to impart to the students the best of their teaching and leave no stone unturned in bringing the best out of them. Even though the pandemic has deprived the students of the bygone golden college days, the teacher-student relationship remains as lovely as it was before the onset of corona and the arrival of the new online mode of teaching. The record of our students holding ranks in Kalyani University likewise still remains intact with the persistence of the students and the selfless efforts of the professors.

List of Faculty Members:

Sri Mithun Sarkar
Assistant Professor & HOD
Dr. Sabina Jesmin
Assistant Professor
Smt. Sarbani Sarkar
Smt. Bidisha Roy
Smt. Joysree Podder
Sri. Narayan Das
Ms. Sunanda Biswas
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