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  • To provide a comprehensive and quality education to our students that enables them to realize their potential and self- worth in all spheres of national and global life.
  • To emphasize all round physical, mental and spiritual development of our students.
  • To orient our students to develop their social responsibilities, mutual trust & faith, and motivation of team work through their participation in N.C.C., N.S.S. programmes, field visits, college games & sports, cultural functions etc.
  • To promote and practice an inclusive development in higher education through the creation and maintaining institutional values and ethos in a multi-cultural society without any religious, social, cultural and communal superstitions.
  • To equip our students with modern technologies through the use of ICT in higher education so that they evolve as leaders and transforming agents in the present Knowledge Based Society.
  • To motivate and encourage our students to participate in research and higher education.
  • To create vistas of career and placements for the students in their future lives.
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