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Department of Sanskrit

"मधु॒ वाता॑ ऋताय॒ते मधु॑ क्षरंति॒ सिंध॑वः।
माध्वी॑र्नः सं॒त्वोष॑धीः॥
मधु॒ नक्त॑मु॒तोषसो॒ मधु॑म॒त्पार्थि॑वं॒ रजः॑।
मधु॒ द्यौर॑स्तु नः पि॒ता॥
मधु॑मान्नो॒ वन॒स्पति॒र्मधु॑माँ अस्तु॒ सूर्यः॑।
माध्वी॒र्गावो॑ भवंतु नः॥ [Ŗgveda, 1.90(6-8)]"

"The winds drops honey for the righteous, the rivers drop honey, may our plants be sweet as honey ᴉ
May the night be honey in the morning, may the air above the earth, may heaven, our father, be honey ᴉ
May the tree be full of honey, may the sun be full of honey, may our cows be sweet like honey ᴉ"

About the Department:

The Department of Sanskrit proves itself as one of the leading departments since the very inception of Chakdaha College. It was initiated primarily as a teaching department for general course in 1972 and later it received affiliation to teach honours course in 2007. Since then many students have passed out from the department and have distinguished themselves in many walks of life. The Department has inherited a very rich academic tradition as a result. The particular objectives of the Department of Sanskrit are to guide and assist the students in the pursuit of knowledge and in various disciplines in Sanskrit Language and Literature. The department aims to provide confidence and opportunity to the young generation enabling them to innovate paths of wisdom. The department endeavors to help them in applying the core knowledge of our ancient Sanskrit literature to their own field of interest or expertise with a vision that they can lead the world to better opportunities and positive environment in all stream of knowledge.

List of Faculty Members:

Ms. Suparna Sarkar
Assistant Professor and Head
Dr. Shiladitya Satpathi
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Mallika Banik
Mrs. Shreya Basu
Mrs. Joyita Rana Das
Ms. Jui Dutta
Mrs. Soma Bangal
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