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Department of Mathematics

"As are the crests on the heads of peacocks
As are the gems on the hoods of cobras,
So is Mathematics, at the top of all sciences."

----The Yajurveda, Circa 600 B.C.

About the Department:

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1981. At the very beginning Mathematics used to be taught in Commerce (General/Honours) and in H.S. classes. The curriculum in Mathematics for Science classes was established in 1983. At that time the subject used to be taught in B.Sc. (General) course only. The Honours curriculum was introduced in the year 2000. At present we also have teachers teaching courses in Statistics.All the teachers in the department are very much dedicated to imparting the best of their teaching to the students.Also the department has a well-equipped computer laboratory with networking facilities for the students. Moreover, the department maintains a consistently good academic record in the university examinations and has a brilliant galaxy of alumni associated with several research centres and universities in different parts of the country.

List of Faculty Members:

Dr. Sahanous Mallick
Assistant Professor & HOD
Dr. Nityagopal Biswas
Assistant Professor
Biswarup Chattapadhyay
Mampi Majhi
Sanat Ghosh
Sanjukta Pramanik
Rakesh Kumar Ray
Kausik Das
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